Writer, Communications Advisor, Project Manager and Travel Enthusiast.

I was born and raised on St.Maarten, a diverse Caribbean paradise. My main passions include writing travel and human interest pieces, managing environmental and art orientated projects and consulting and implementing various communication strategies.

During my Audiovisual Media studies in the Netherlands I had the opportunity to work for a media production company in Chile, and teach and build a film production curriculum at TaSUBa, a university in Tanzania.

Both of these trips fuelled my passion for travel. Being an avid volunteer, during my Masters I focused on Edutainment, researching the most effective ways of using entertainment media to create a social change. 

Once completing University, I set sail on a 16-month sailing and backpacking trip taking me to over 35 countries in the Pacific, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. In October 2016 I continued my travels backpacking through Central America.


I've been freelance writing for various publications since 2010 and have managed various projects with a focus on nonprofit initiatives. Currently, I am working as a communication advisor for UNICEF, and a number of other clients.